Monday, May 23, 2011

I haz a nuc, and perhaps learn humility

For whatever reason, I didn't take pictures of Fred's bee yard, but it was charming. He was wearing a veil and there were five or six humans of various ages milling around, half an hour before twilight on a PERFECT EVENING in Vermont. Although we were not Raptured, I wasn't sure we were not in Heaven. He has a bunch of happy-looking chickens, as chickens go, a Jersey cow and her calf, some clean and relatively unsmelly pigs (which is a real trick), some kind of non-throughbred horse (with big feet) who was charming and gave me non-spitty horse kisses. The horse has a pony.

It was idyllic. We came back to NH and it had been drizzling and gray all day.

The next morning, yesterday, I found out that frames can get stuck to the lids of nucs, and that dropping said frame, as it detaches unexpectedly from the lid, annoys and alarms the bees.

Neither Doug nor I are allergic to bee stings. Although now, I gather, I need to see what happens the next time I get stung (one hopes not so many times) and see if I have acquired the allergy.

They hurt a lot for a couple of hours, but now they don't, and they don't itch very much. Probably getting the stingers out would have helped, but they were in my hair.

I still think veil-free bee-keeping is possible and desirable but I agree it would be better to wait until I know more about what can go wrong before I try it again. I got no stings on my hands or arms.

Meanwhile, it's about 5 and drizzling, like it was yesterday, and the action around the beehive is almost non-existent. Yesterday afternoon there were a few bees moving a few other bees out, probably ones who were injured in the transition (Doug was very careful as he finished hiving the nuc but some squashes were inevitable, and there were some who stung but could still fly home). Today there were only two or three in as many minutes doing anything. But all the dandelions are closed and it's soaking wet and grey.

I have promised myself I won't go look in until next Sunday, so the poor little things can get relaxed. I notice I jump when I feel anything in my hair, which I can't say I'm surprised about.

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